The Three Penny Opera

Having finished with his American period, during which he staged One Touch of Venus and Lady in the Dark, Jean Lacornerie is revisiting Kurt Weill’s Berlin period by taking on The Three Penny Opera, written with Bertolt Brecht. The project is based on the version performed when the work premiered in 1928, in the original orchestration for eight multi-instrumentalists. Around the troupe of singer-actors, large puppets designed by Emilie Valantin perform the group scenes, playing the bandits, beggars, whores and cops. Jazzman and Didier Lockwood’s partner, Jean-Robert Lay, directs with his trumpet, just like in the heyday of jazz bands.

musical theatre | music Kurt Weill | text Bertolt Brecht | musical direction Jean-Robert Lay | directed by Jean Lacornerie | translation René Fix | choreography Raphaël Cottin | set design Lisa Navarro | costumes Robin Chemin | lighting David Debrinay  | marionnettes Émilie Valantin | 8 singers, 9 musicians | running time: 2h 

production: La Clef des Chants, Hauts-de-France Region | coproduction: Département du Pas-de-Calais, Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse – Lyon | Arche is the publisher and theatrical agent of the text being performed | premiere 1st October 2016  The Channel – Scène Nationale de Calais. 




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