Barbarie (Barbarism)

2020 March 27th

Barbarie (Barbarism)

mechanical concert for a string quartet, piano and barrel organ

concert Quatuor Béla / Wilhem Latchoumia

2020 March 27th

Fri 27 ›  20h
Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse — main auditorium

Men have always had a complex relationship with machines designed by other men. Toys, magical or dangerous objets ?

The Béla Quartet which we have the pleasure to see again on the plateau de la Croix-Rousse for this new exploratory music biennal, enjoys, as we know, giving a chance to slightly crazy endeavours. With the pianist Wilhelm Latchoumia, they offer us an outstanding musical moment.

On stage, an orchestra made up of mechanical and anachronistic instruments where the hurdy gurdy and the barrel organ mix with the venerable instruments of a string quartet and a grand piano.

Five composers were invited to write for a specific group of instruments. Five expressions of different sensitivities which will convey tensions and unexpected emotions to the audience.


Albert Marcœur, Léopold and The Automatons
Marco Stroppa, new piece
Conlon Nancarrow, Study n°6 for pianola
Conlon Nancarrow, Study n°21 for pianola «Canon X»
Noriko Baba, Nié
Conlon Nancarrow, Toccata for pianola and violin
Peter Szendy, Ghost Members (extract)
Conlon Nancarrow, Study for pianola n°3a «Boogie»
Raphaël Cendo, Berlin Toccata, co-commission : GRAME, Centre national de création musicale, gmem-CNCM-Marseille
György Ligeti, Arc-en-Ciel, study for piano
Frédéric Aurier, new piece

cast / production

composition Frédéric AurierNoriko BabaRaphaël CendoAlbert Marcœur and Marco Stroppa | artistic direction Quatuor Béla | with Wilhem Latchoumia piano, synthetizers and the Quatuor BélaFrédéric Aurier violin, nyckelharpa Julien Dieudegard violin Julian Boutin alto, hurdy gurdy and Luc Dedreuil violoncellerim and sound engineer Max Bruckert | lighting design and scenography Hervé Frichet and Pierre-Yves Boutrand

production: L’Oreille Droite / Quatuor Béla | coproduction: MC2: Grenoble, Arsenal Cité musicale – Metz, MCB° Maison de la Culture de Bourges – SN, Tandem – SN d’Arras Douai, La Barcarolle EPCC – Spectacle vivant Audomarois, Espace Malraux – SN de Chambéry et de la Savoie, Césaré – CNCM – Reims, Gmem – CNCM – Marseille, Grame – CNCM – Lyon, Musica – Strasbourg, La Scala – Paris

this show was co-produced with BiME – Biennale des musiques exploratoires (exploratory musics biennal)

2020 March 27th
Fri 27 › 
Théâtre de la Croix-Rousse — main auditorium



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