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I updated the developer track page with new topics for the Barcamp & Lightning Talks section (Friday 26th, from 15h00 in the Mezzanine):

  • Simplify your eZ Publish ajax pattern with an upcoming ajax extension (André Rømcke, eZ Systems)
  • eZ Find tips & tricks (Paul Borgermans, eZ Systems)
  • eZ Community site update and plans (Grenland Web)

Feel free to send me additional proposals (possible until the very start of the Barcamp). The final selection will be made by the audience



Tags : developer , barcamp

With internet, the publishing market is facing a major challenge by
trying to combine print and digital delivery.
How to coordinate both is a major question for them.

Today, some of the players has already made their choice and are moving
to a 100% digital media delivery. The others want to take advantage of
both media but they have to face organizational issues. Should they
merge print and digital editorial teams?

The Belgian Rossel press group has made his choice by creating a true
bi-media editorial teams.

On june 26th, for his keynote, James Hewes will explain how the
organizational aspects at BBC have influenced their digital publishing

Using these products on a daily basis? Wondering how to customize them? Hardly touched them? eZ what !?

Pick the question you best identify with, and bring it with you on thursday, june 25th, 3.40pm at the developer track.

There is, in eZ Publish projects nowadays, no way around eZ Find and eZ Flow. This talk will give you simple and obvious hints as to why they can speed up common development tasks, enforce code reuse, dramatically increase user experience, and what enterprise-grade features they bring into the eZ Publish platform.

Come and get some!

The magazine industry is in a very special phase where at the same time, digital business is hardly predictable and print sales are decreasing. While many publishers mean that Digital could never get abouve 20% of a publisher turn over, it seems obvious that digital can be more than a web based version of a print brand.

Indeed having one content repository making assets available to multiple channels (web, print, mobile) can also help publishers to be more efficient overall and not only on the Web. At least, better integrations between print technology and web need to be considered.

Woodwing, well known software vendor helping publishers to improve their print process, and eZ are now collaborating. Content stored either in eZ or in Content Station (woodwing product) can be exchanged for better reuse of assets.

Johnny Thøgersen from Woodwing will tell us more about that on Friday morning i the Digital Media track. I am not sure if Johnny will show us the integration but at least, we should understand better the real value of such a partnership.

It shows once again how eZ Publish easily integrates with 3rd party applications. Stay tuned !

I am glad to invite eZ Publish users from the Media sector to meet and participate in the Media User Group during the conference, friday afternoon at 15.00. This user group was initiated one year ago during the last eZ conference and this will be the 4th meeting.

The goals for this user group are multiple : sharing experience with eZ for Media companies, collaborating on some shared project, influencing, contributing and strengthening eZ Publish and the eZ ecosystem as a preferred solution for the Media and Publishing industry ...

For this meeting, i guess many will be very tired of the conference and especially of the award ceremony and other after show celebrations, i suggest then to have it shorter and more focused than previous ones. Let's focus on eZ Publish lifecycle and roadmap in order to discuss the last changes in eZ Systems product development, the future and how you could participate in it by shaping eZ as the best solution for the Media market ! We need your help for that !
Of course, any other idea to be discussed will be welcome.

If you're not in the User Group mailing list and want to participate, please drop me an email.
If you are in the list, rendez vous friday afternoon at 15.00, in the room « Paris » !

Roland Benedetti


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